Friday, July 2, 2010

Tanks a lot

The station area on the last layout was evolving as based on Otford (between Sydney and Wollongong). There was a time when there were two tank stands but only one tank remaining. This is one of a pair of stands constructed with the tank. Just needing some finer details added. Balsa, scrap wood and styrene construction. Cost - less than $5 for the lot.

Cars, Cars, Cars

While there is probably little difference in the actual detail level of these cars, which ones show it off? The difference between the HO and S Holden Monaros is even more pronounced in real life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recyling scrap ply

MHG Brake van. Basically ply body with other sizes of wood and card for details. Brass strip for step hangers and an old CD case provided the window glass. AM bogies and Kadee couplers provide the working bits.
Need to do the louvre impressions deeper next time as they have swelled back out!
Cost - less than $20

New use for a Triang underframe

Pictured above is half of an old NSWGR E bolster wagon. It consists of a discarded Triang underframe to which has been added Acetal type bearings (slip straight in) and a pair of American Models 3' wheels. Model body is built from wood with OO buffers and old Erg 3 link couplers.
Cost of wagon so far -less than $5. Now all I need is another discarded Triang underframe to build the other half of the wagon.

Flat wagons

Above is pictured one of a rake of 14 flat wagons I built. There is a HO one for comparison of size next to it. Cost of S scale wagon -less than $20.