Thursday, January 30, 2014

Train Time at last

Finally the baseboard has been finished and two circuits laid.
Thanks are due to Dale Dawson, Rohan Fergusson and Steve  Jewell. 
Track is Peco code 124 with a few lengths of code 143 and some Atlas to make up the shortfall until I get some more packs of bullhead. Out in the real world of course the rail height matters little ( just fabricate some soldered matching sections). I chose to go the bullhead route because there was little in the way of experience I could call on in regards to use of the flat bottom under our conditions. The rail fixings are more substantial with the bullhead track.

Here is a shot of  my railmotor passing a steam hauled suburban set. The carriages are not my own work, they are some Ron Fox kits I assembled. I will have to take care not to use them when it is hot. My experiences with urethane in gauge one had wagons sagging with the heat.

A long way to go but at least the trains are now running. I might even squeeze another circuit in one day for use by those with clockwork and 3 rail. It might have to be stud contact given my aversion to solid third...... but then again it's outside so maybe I could live with it.
Already I see things I would do different. Halve the size of the layout to start.