Friday, December 30, 2011

It has been some time since I have posted here due to other commitments.
I have had some time over this xmas to get stuck into one of my loco projects , namely one 18 class.
The body and chassis are now well under way. The chassis is made from 60 thou styrene with Slaters wheels, bearings and a Roxey gearbox/ Mashima 1830. It is running smoothly at first trials so should get better with some wear. This is my first attempt at a full plastic chassis and it was far easier than soldering a metal one up.
My pickups are phosphor bronze with a solder filled loop. This is my first use of a loop ( from a suggestion in the Connoisseur Models handbook) as I normally use 20 thou brass without any loop.

** The Slaters wheels I chose were 7848SD

Only a 41 class, 30 tank, 2 off 48's and a CPH to be finished after this is completed and my current batch of part built locos will be done ;>)