Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The End of the Beginning

The layout has reached ‘The end of the beginning’ if I can misquote Churchill.
The loops are running, the access ramp and staging tracks have been installed and the pointwork  can be remotely controlled from the shed. This last item I felt was very necessary to recover trains in the event of a sudden shower.
Lighting has been installed to watch the trains at night as they pass by the garage window and near the crossing and ramp access to identify when trains are clear of points.

There now remains the scenicing and structures to be built. Locomotives and other rolling stock to be made. Some extra sidings are planned next to satisfy those who like to shuffle wagons about and perhaps some working signals.

The layout can accommodate British Fine and NMRA wheel standards and may be able to accommodate AMRA if it is insulated.  There is the capacity to run one dc consist as well as DCC. Battery electric will also be welcome ( I have two of my own under way).