Sunday, September 23, 2012

18 class finished for now

The 18 class is earning its keep. Until I equip it with a sound decoder there is little I wish to add to it for the moment. Now I have returned the pickups to my normal method it is reliable shunter.

It runs so well I look forward to finishing some more steamers.


  1. I take it that your "normal method" is to have them picking up from the treads of the wheels and not behind the flanges?

    1. Hi Martin.
      I normally pick up off the treads of the wheel with just a straight piece of wire. This is something I have applied with success to models in various scales for some decades. I came across an idea from a UK manufacturer (of some standing) suggesting the pickup be a small solder filled loop.
      Whether it is the solder helping to contaminate the tread or the larger surface area better able to collect rubbish I have not bothered to investigate. Pickup was dodgy from day one. I gave it a fair trail but then went back to the straight piece of wire and now have a reliable loco as usual.