Friday, September 14, 2012

TE wagon rake progress

Somehow I thought this was going to be quick way of getting wagons.
Here is a picture of progress so far.

So far we have used cardboard, pop sticks and some old wooden Venetian blind slats. All coated in shellac before painting.

Buffers are scratchbuilt from styrene (8 pieces per buffer)
Yard brake handles are a mixture of card and metal.
Brake hoses are just phone wire.
Couplers are American Models dummies with a Kadee 802 for each end of the rake.
I have had some Athearn Symington bogies in stock for a decade or two. They look close enough so I will equip the whole rake with them.
Some more detail to be added, lettering and some loads to be made then they will be ready to earn their keep.
Each wagon will cost less than $20 including paint and glue.

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