Sunday, March 10, 2013

3 carriage progress

Still no progress outdoors at this stage but some more work on the 3 carriages.
Sides have been given a first coat of paint so window fitting is not too far away.

Just spent a weekend running trains on a friend's indoor layout. Often four trains moving at once. The potential for an impressive cornfield meet with two O gauge 7mm scale trains was high but we managed to avoid any disasters. Running foreign stock on a layout is also a good way to shake out any gremlins in both the layout and the stock.
My friend has a very nice finished HO layout but it sees little use when I am there.
The running sessions have reinforced my preference for radio throttles and sound equipped locos.... I put some miles up on his sound equipped 44 class and 30T; often walking around with them. If I write early to Santa  and promise to be a good boy maybe he will bring me a radio conversion for my DCC system.


  1. BOB
    You have no chance of getting a radio throttle.
    Being good has a lot of rules attached !